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Total Empowerment Network

Total Empowerment Network popularly known (and mostly referred to) as TEN is a subsidiary of GROWTH MENTOR INTERNATIONAL LTD, established in MAY 2017. TEN is simply a total empowerment platform. Our singular goal is a Total Empowerment outcome– Financial Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills Acquisition. At TEN, we have created a system that will generate you the required capital to start your dream project along with necessary skills or trainings to start an offline/online project. TEN stands out among other Multilevel Marketing companies.

We’re committed to having the best compensation plan, plus effective services. TEN was established to adjust the issues inherent in former related programs. We noticed most programs were established to focus on awards. Most programs were created for publicity alone– leaving the society with alot of poor car owners, with no skill/product or capital to establish them. We guarantee the quality and integrity of our training materials and compensation plan because we truly believe that this is the only way to guarantee long – term success in business and in life.

We are in the business of making dreams come true. So helping people realize their potential is of paramount importance. We will offer you a wide range of empowerment training and financial opportunities that will enrich you. We are here to help everybody no matter the sex, race, and religion to build his /her business as big as individual ambition, talent and energy permits. 

The TEN’s opportunity knows no bound! It is the opportunity to have the freedom to choose and do what you’ve always wanted to do. TEN has established itself as a major Empowering Company that will ENRICH the entire Nation. With TEN, every dream is within reach! If you want a new life and financial independence, you can earn them. No one will limit your potential; your purse can grow as large and profitable as you can dream. We have lots more to offer you; we provide a great variety of opportunities for you to develop your skills, intellectual and otherwise, to discover new talents. Our success is based upon the commitment to excellence of the Company and the Board of Directors.

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Ten empowerment

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  • We are now in the information age. Consequently, anyone not willing to keep abreast with the latest information will lack adequate knowledge that keeps pace with the rapid rate of technological development in this 21st century.

    Truly, information leads to knowledge and knowledge to leads to understanding and both together lead to power.


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