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Eight (8) examples of when engineers, creating a “tree house” played too much and built real masterpieces

A tree house is a structure designed to communicate with wildlife. He also reminds us of childhood, when we had fun climbing the branches of the tallest trees.

We present to you an unusual selection of houses that made up real masterpieces.

1. Spherical Attic Among Branches, Canada (main shot)

This house has been specially designed for living in the wild for one or two people. Its shape and height attract attention and are admirable.

2. Green House, Denmark

Danish student architect Konrad Wojcik designed these houses to replace the suburbs where there are too many buildings on the outskirts of cities. Due to their unusual design and shape, the houses are lost among the trees and seem to be part of nature.

Wooden House in Muskoka, USA

This construction, built near Lake Muskok in Ontario, is more than an ordinary tree house. Thanks to the unusual layout created by designer Lukas Kos, a large family can live in the building.

3. Elf House, British Columbia

Three unusual buildings that resemble the homes of elves are considered one of the tallest tree houses in the world. They are fully livable, although they lack electricity.

4. Birdhouse for people

If you’ve ever dreamed of living with birds in the middle of a forest, this strange house is perfect for you. Nostalgia for trees, Belgium

5. Glass Cube, Sweden

The building, also known as a mirror in a tree, was designed by Mirror Tham & Videgard and is part of one of the strangest hotels on the planet.

6. Wood Spaceship, Sweden

This curious alien ship is actually part of the same hotel where the glass cube is located. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis design is to make your guests experience the experience of living on another planet.

7. Socket for man, Sweden

This unusual structure is built in the midst of Swedish forest trees. Outside it is an ideal replica of a bird’s nest, inside it is a modern room, fully equipped for people to live.

8. Hot air balloon in the forest, New Zealand

A strange building on a tree is a restaurant. It can simultaneously accommodate 18 visitors and a cook with waiters.

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