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Jane: This is the story of my relationship. Now I need a real man!



I love him but he does not love me. Or should I say, he used to love me before. It was not my plan to become a single mother. He is the main cause of this.

It all started when I was pregnant. I noticed he does not come home regularly. He started drinking. Sometimes, he yells at me even when he was wrong. So, I finally left him, for good.

Now, I am open to a new relationship. A single man who is ready to date me and love me for who I am. I don’t need money; Jack did not give me money. I don’t need material things like cars, and other luxuries. I just want attention and love. If you can do this for me, then you can date me.

I left Jack for quite a lot of reason. You know I could manage with him, but I cannot hold on to it again. Jack does not give me peace. I want peace.

A man that will give me peace will do this:

Give me attention when I needed it. I want a companion for this. I don’t want to be someone’s sugar mummy; instead, I want to be someone’s sugar lover. I just want to be loved. Lol.

He must be willing to associate with me every time, not try to hide me in public because he has other affairs with other ladies. He must be loyal to me. Of course I will be loyal to me. Love should be reversible and whatever love he showered on me would be showered to him, in return.

H e must be good I bed. The famous saying is that Love becomes a bond when there is good sex. Of course, I want sex, plenty of it, on the couch, in the kitchen, at the beach and many more. I need to satisfy my fantasies. I will satisfy his fantasies too. Yes, passionately we will give and take. I will be available whenever he calls me and as well ashe must be available whenever I call him.

That reminds of Jack. He is lazy in bed. He is not usually like that, it all started when I became Pregnant. He is always complaining. His excuses are: I am tired, I cannot do this all the time but he has many hours and sessions with his girlfriends. I caught him more than once.

If you are here on this site and you know you could do better than Jack. You will take care of me, It does not matter where you are from. African, American, Asian, European, I will take care of you.

I work in a standard company, I earn a good salary and I have a kid daughter. But one thing is missing: Love.  I need a good lover, one man that can take care of me and my kid. Just to love us.

Just drop your email in the comment below and the admin will send it to me. I requested this method because I want to choose randomly.

Thanks. Jane.



  1. Ashebir

    January 3, 2020 at 5:23 am

    Hello dear women’s on this page you all first am wishes for you for all happy new years 2020 am wishes for all on new year happy love happy life for ur real name is Ashebir am from Africa Ethiopia am so true for real love with you am opened minded person for sirous love for my real women who accepte me am ready for anything you wante from me am wait ur real answer. My Email any ur real address am wait on my Email address. Tankyou dear.

  2. Asfaw

    January 3, 2020 at 5:48 am


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I am Melania, from France, I need an African Lover.




I read in the news that Africans are best at loving. Aside been strong in bed, they are also very loyal. A friend of mine tolfd me about her ordeals with an African man, from Nigeria.

She had dated five men before Kola. I knew of her divorce, too. He told me everything I need to know about his past relationships and love life.

Here is a little info about me.

I am quite tall, I am beautiful, and you need to know that. I have huge boobs and ass, I am a single mother. I have been single for 15years. So, I practically need a young man to take care of me regularly.

I speak good English and French; hence, communicating with any African should not be difficult. If you are here and you also want a relationship, you can drop your contact below, I will contact you.

You must be good looking, ready to party and must be fun to be with. You don’t need to worry about anything, I will take care of everything. IF w=you want to study a course, take up a job, tour and more, I will be there for you.

Everything about us will be done in Love. No mind games, no emotional troubles, just pure love and understanding.

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