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Meek Mill advises broke people who want rich gifts



Meek Mill has given his opinion on broke people who want expensive gifts they can’t afford.

The rapper had this to say on twitter:
“I can never understand a broke woman that want a Chanel bag as a gift …
tell him/her you’d rather take the 5500!
Vice versa for guys expensive clothes with no bank roll!”

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You are a genius if you find 5 turkeys in this picture in less than 3




Puzzles and various mindfulness tests are incredibly popular. Sometimes, by solving such problems, even various competitions take place. The only success criteria in this case are the speed of response and its accuracy.

Intelligence development

Similar techniques are actively used to develop human intelligence. Scientists have been able to prove that using these methods, people manage to increase their wits. Constantly solving various puzzles and puzzles for mindfulness and logic is an excellent training for the brain. Over time, this process goes faster and faster. A person begins to think much better.

Brain development

Similar puzzles and puzzles are ideal for the development of the human brain. The frequent solution of various puzzles improves the quality of connections between neurons. As a result, it turns out to prevent the development of a number of dangerous diseases.

For example, doctors believe that by regularly solving all kinds of problems of this type, it will be possible to prevent the appearance of senile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Gray matter becomes much denser. The quality of brain functioning is increasing.


The presented problem has a clear New Year character. A person is required to find 5 turkeys hidden in the picture. At the same time, fried bird placed in the attic of the house should not be taken into account. It is shown only as a basis. This snippet gives a person an understanding of which images to look for.


The compilers of this test shared their own opinion on the submitted work. They believe that people who managed to find all the hidden elements in 3 minutes or less can be considered real geniuses.


A genius is a person who solved the puzzle or not, it makes no sense to argue. However, many may really need help. A couple of simple tips will help you get the job done.

Image describes Christmas. At the same time, nothing prohibits the turkey from being outside the house. During searches, you need to search for an object not only in non-standard places. You should also take a closer look at the tables. After all, that is where the turkey and the place are. If the search for the necessary objects causes great difficulties, you can slightly enlarge the image. This action will definitely not be superfluous.

The answers

Now the time has come to show the correct answers. The location of the turkey itself is indicated by arrows.

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Stuff Nigerians Do: Answering Rhetorical Questions




Nigerians, over the years, have demonstrated an inability to identify when a question is rhetorical. Sometimes they identify one but in the true Nigerian nature of wanting to have a say in any and every matter, they answer the question. I am sure if there was a Nigerian dictionary Rhetorical will be listed as follows;

Rhetorical question: No content available, please feel free to answer any and every question, shebi the person axed (read as asked) you?

Let us take the case of Victor, a character most of us can identify with, who comes home with a bad result.

1st case scenario

Mama:  Victor, Victor, what is this result ehn? What is this ruport kad (report card)? Are you stupid? Are you stupid?

Victor: (no answer)

Mama: hei, hei, you cannot answer abi? You cannot answer shey? 1 year, 6 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 10 hours and 17 seconds ago, when you were suspended from school for insulting your teacher, you could talk o! Now you are deaf and dumb. I have forgiven and ‘forgotten’ about that incident o because that is the type of person I am but now this is too much. My son is now a dullard! You will see stars today when I am done with you. Kisses teeth.

2nd case scenario

Mama: Are you stupid? Are you stupid? Ehn ehn?

Victor: No mama

Mama: Hei, hei, you have the guts to talk back at me? Do I look like ya mate? I said do I look like ya mate?  You are a very stupid boy Victor, very stupid. You are saying you are not stupid ehn! If you are okoro smart  then why did you bring this type of a result? Answer me before I slap you now (if you answer you will expressly be accused of talking back at her). “I am not stupid,nye nye nye nye nye” (mimicking you in the most annoying voice ever). Idiot boy.

3rd case scenario

Mama: Are you stupid?

Victor: (Confused and wanting no wahala) Yes mama

Mama: Heewo, Victor has killed me o! (Spins around dramatically). Nobody in our family is dull! All of us forst  forst forst (first) in the class. Where did they bring this boy from o! Olodo that admits that he is an Olodo. I am finished! At least you know you are dull, you must have gotten it from your father’s mother’s side of the family , I hope you did not carry her madness too.

Note:  After this don’t blink, shake or move a muscle, if not she will take this as an acknowledgment and as soon as your father comes home, she will surely say that YOU said that you got your dullness from his side of the family and that his mother is mad. Also note that all responses come with a koboko so what exactly is the right answer? (By the way, that was a rhetorical question, I’m sure you already answered it…)

How many times have we been asked ‘are you deaf?’(how will you hear the question if you are?) ‘are you blind? can you not see the soup is burning?’ ( If you were how will you see?!) ‘can you not read? did you not read the price is N500?’ (well if you could read, wouldn’t you have done so?), All with the asker expecting a response?

The Nigerian rhetoric is a thing of great annoyance yet very funny and beautiful in a way only a Nigerian can acknowledge. It may be a culture shock though to the Oyibo who is used to stares being averted when they ask ‘why are you staring?’. The Nigerian will continue staring and will even resort to pointing at your eyes saying ‘Me? I am not staring o!, you ,which eye did you use to see me?’

Abegi, leave us biko, our I.D  is a green passport or you cannot see again?

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“We are all human beings and all are equal before God”: Justin Bieber apologized for hate speech




In an emotionally honest Instagram post posted Tuesday night, the singer acknowledged the fact that he sometimes made racist comments when he was younger. Now he is trying to catch up, using his platform for an apology.

Awareness has come

Accompanying his photo with the inscription “I am against racism” in bold gray letters, the star wrote in her caption: “When I was young, I was uneducated and found that I was saying really offensive things, not knowing the strength of my words. Racism is still very widespread, I want to use my voice to remind us that we are all human beings and all are equal before God! ”And this was not his only post on this issue. Bieber surprised his followers with this new honest post in which he talked about his shortcomings in the past and apologized for his words about racism. Sharing a photo depicting a Christmas tree, the 25-year-old singer said: “This holiday season, I am determined to take responsibility for all my shortcomings and work on them for myself and those I love


In 2014, two videos appeared in the same week in which the 14-year-old Bieber (he was 19 when the clips surfaced) used the word. In the first video received by TMZ and the British edition of The Sun, Bieber says: “Why are black people afraid of chainsaws? Run nigga, nigga, nigga. ” In the second clip, received by TMZ, Bieber remixed the text of his single, One Less Lonely Girl, and sang “One Lesser Lonely Niger.” Later in the video he added: “If I kill you, I will become part of the KKK.” It was just stupid of the young singer, which he himself admitted later.

I didn’t want to offend anyone

Shortly after the video surfaced, Justin Bieber apologized for his actions. And his message was like a recent one. As stated in his statement: “As a child, I did not understand the power of certain words and how they can harm. I thought it was possible to repeat hurtful words and jokes. At that time I did not realize that it was not funny and that in fact my actions were erroneous. Thanks to friends and family, I learned from my mistakes, grew up and apologized for them. Now that these mistakes of the past have been made public, I need to apologize again to everyone I offended. I’m sorry”.

The apology continued: “I take friendship with people of all cultures very seriously and apologize for insulting or injuring someone with my childhood and unforgivable mistake. Then I was a child, and now I am a person who knows his responsibility to the world and will not make this mistake again. Ignorance does not have a place in our society, and I hope that my experience can prevent others from making the same mistake in the future. ”

Now, at 25, his sense of responsibility seems to have grown. It’s better to realize that you’re wrong later than never. The recognition of Justin Bieber caused a wave of approval on the web, many expressed their respect for the singer for his recognition of his own mistakes.

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