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Must Read: List of Business Opportunities In Agriculture Sector

The agricultural industry is green, as there plenty of businesses that can earn anyone willing to learn, a good amount of money. What’s more, there are no barriers in entering the market. Starting a business in the agricultural sector does not require any professional certification.



Are you in search for business opportunities in the Agriculture sector? In my opinion, that’s a smart choice to make. Food being one of the basic human needs, gives agriculture an edge in being a lucrative business industry.
The agricultural industry is green, as there plenty of businesses that can earn anyone willing to learn, a good amount of money. What’s more, there are no barriers in entering the market. Starting a business in the agricultural sector does not require any professional certification.
Success in this sector is highly dependent on your ability to provide quality products. With the approximate guidelines, that can be achieved.

In this article, we will be covering various business opportunities in the agricultural industry. Some of them require a size able amount of capital, while others require little start up capital. Most of these businesses can be started with a little piece of land or even that space in your backyard.
It’s all about deciding to start, consistently put in the effort and in time, you will come to discover that you made the right decision.

Business opportunities in Agriculture sector

Can money be made in the agricultural industry? In case you didn’t know already, the agricultural sector has turned many Nigerians into millionaires over the years. The need for healthy and quality food isn’t just a choice, it’s a constant in the equation of life for maintaining good health.
Many have noticed the potential of this industry and have benefited from it. You may have taken part in some kind of agricultural practice before now but, what about commercial agriculture? In this section, we will be covering, the top lucrative business ideas you can pursue in the agricultural sector. The aim of this article is mainly to enlighten you about these opportunities and hopefully, move you to action.

Honey Bee Farming.

Rearing honey bees can be an amazing in come source. Why? Healthy honey bees can produce lots of honey. For the farmer, this of course means more money.
How do you know if this business is meant for you? Simple, all you need to do is pay attention to the following;

If you a starting with little capital
You aren’t allergic to bee stings
If you have a little piece of land or space to spare in your backyard.

Honey is in high demand and with so little farms available to support this demand, this leaves a gap in the market. Honey has many health benefits, it’s no surprise that many prefer it to using sugar. Making a decision to get this business will definitely prove profitable.

Pig Farming.

Do you prefer livestock farming? This should appeal to you. Over time, pig farming has proven to be a lucrative and profitable livestock business.
Pigs are prolific breeders which guarantee’s rapid business growth in no time. Pigs can deliver 9 to 12 piglets at a time. There is a lot of untapped revenue in this market as 80% of its demand is satisfied by importation.
Offering quality pork meat to the market will no doubt be very appealing as it will help save cost in terms of importation.

Catfish Farming.

Many refer to cat fish as being meaty, juicy, soft and tasty. It’s no wonder a lot of people prefer them to other fishes. The good news is, you don’t need big capital to start this business. Plus, it is quite easy to become a fish farmer and start your fish farming journey.
The demand for cat fish isn’t seasonal. Your target customers could range from restaurants to even market women or to direct consumers. Finding customers in this business isn’t difficult as fish is demanded for on a daily basics.

Snail Farming.

Working on low capital? Well, you can still be a farmer. Snail farming is a farming practice that is both easy to start and requires low capital.
However, snail farming is one of the most under-rated agricultural practices in Nigeria. This loop hole in the market provides a very food opportunity for available snail farmers to make a lot of money within a short time span.
Apart from the relatively small size of the market, the demand for snails increase even more in the dry season. This presents the farmer with a good opportunity to make even more profit during this period.

Raising flowers

Can you make a business out of selling flowers? Yes you can! Raising flowers that are hard to find, grow and are in high demand will make your business even more profitable.
Your target market range from wedding ceremonies, carnivals, festivals or even parties of different types. Individuals may also need such flowers for personal use.

Wool Production

Another Business Opportunities In Agriculture Sector, Wool producing animals like sheep and rabbit provide you with multiple income streams just from rearing them.
The clothing industry is in constant need for quality wool. Entering this business puts you in a good position to satisfy and profit from this demand.
As i mentioned earlier, livestock like sheep and rabbit offer multiple income streams. Let’s shed more light on that in the next section.

Rabbit farming

There are several benefits of going into rabbit farming. Not only is it easy to start this business when you are on a small budget, white meat is also in high demand. Rabbit rearing let’s you make money from selling;
Rabbit farming, especially in Nigeria is very under-rated. The current supply by existing rabbit farmers doesn’t match up to market demand. There is no better time than now to enter this business. So, should you consider starting rabbit farming? Definitely.

Full Guide – Start Agriculture Business Now

Advise to you on money making agriculture business ideas is that you should try to perform market analysis base on the basic economic problems before you make your decision on what to go into.

What works for Mr A in Lagos might not work for Mr B in Ibadan. Go into a Agribusiness that people in your locality are demanding for its product, especially if you are not considering shipping outside your environment. Make use of the what to produce, For whom to produce, where to produce and for whom to produce to prevent yourself from making mistakes that might mar you forever.


Now that we have settled the question of what some of the major business are, all that is left is to take action. The agricultural industry has been neglected for quite some time.
People have only recently began to noticed the possibility of making money from this industry. Taking a bet on agricultural now that it is rather unsaturated will give you an edge in terms of market authority. Do you have anything you will like to

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Wooden House in Muskoka, USA

This construction, built near Lake Muskok in Ontario, is more than an ordinary tree house. Thanks to the unusual layout created by designer Lukas Kos, a large family can live in the building.

3. Elf House, British Columbia

Three unusual buildings that resemble the homes of elves are considered one of the tallest tree houses in the world. They are fully livable, although they lack electricity.

4. Birdhouse for people

If you’ve ever dreamed of living with birds in the middle of a forest, this strange house is perfect for you. Nostalgia for trees, Belgium

5. Glass Cube, Sweden

The building, also known as a mirror in a tree, was designed by Mirror Tham & Videgard and is part of one of the strangest hotels on the planet.

6. Wood Spaceship, Sweden

This curious alien ship is actually part of the same hotel where the glass cube is located. The idea of ​​this design is to make your guests experience the experience of living on another planet.

7. Socket for man, Sweden

This unusual structure is built in the midst of Swedish forest trees. Outside it is an ideal replica of a bird’s nest, inside it is a modern room, fully equipped for people to live.

8. Hot air balloon in the forest, New Zealand

A strange building on a tree is a restaurant. It can simultaneously accommodate 18 visitors and a cook with waiters.

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