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Original Robocop: A robot patrols Chinese train stations to track down Criminals using face recognition technology



Chinese railway stations now use a robot policeman to hunt criminals. The machine works tirelessly, using face recognition scans.

The country has long been using modern technologies that help in economic and state needs. Scan system Robots that can track criminals through face recognition scans have been stationed at China’s railway stations.

Their main task is to look for people on the wanted list( criminals). This iron policeman can be seen at Changchun Railway Station in Jilin Province as he moves around the platform and among passengers.

Now law enforcement agencies have the opportunity to use technology to monitor the movement of citizens.

Face recognition has long been common in China, cars work everywhere: from airports to office buildings. The country has a “real name registration” policy, which requires people to link online accounts with their real names.

China recently introduced face scan technology for users of modern phones. In accordance with the rules, everyone who buys a new mobile phone must undergo an official face scan. But this is not all the innovations: Chinese scientists are working on the ability to reconstruct human faces using DNA.

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Sleeping Over 9Hours Daily Will Kill You




If you like sleeping a lot then you might want to reconsider as it isn’t as healthy as you think. A new study by Chinese researchers has shown that sleeping for more than nine hours a night increases the risk for stroke by 23% compared to sleeping for seven to eight hours a night. The study, published in Neurology followed 31,750 men and women with an average age of 62.

The researchers documented the respondents for six years on average using physical examinations and self-reported data on their sleep patterns. However, those who slept for less than six hours a night did not show any increased risk of stroke incidence.

The results also showed that those who took a nap in the day for more than 90 minutes had a 25% higher risk for stroke compared with napping for 30 minutes or less. What’s more, if you like to take midday naps and sleep for more than nine hours every day then you might want to break the habit. The study showed that people who slept over nine hours at night and took more than 90 minutes nap were 85% more likely to have a stroke.

Other important factors such as the health and behavioural characteristics including smoking, drinking, exercise, family history of stroke, body mass index were taken into consideration as well. During the entire study period, there were 1,557 participants who suffered from stroke.

Sleep quality also plays an important part as well, as those who said they had poor sleep quality had a 29% increased risk of stroke. The reason for this increased risk is unclear, but the researchers said that sleeping for too long could be associated with an inactive lifestyle that makes it more likely for a person to get a stroke.

Senior author, Dr. Xiaomin Zhang, a professor at Tongji Medical College in Wuhan, China said, “Maintaining appropriate sleep duration might hold great promise as primary prevention of stroke. More research is needed to understand how taking long naps and sleeping longer hours at night may be tied to an increased risk of stroke, but previous studies have shown that long nappers and sleepers have unfavourable changes in their cholesterol levels and increased waist circumferences, both of which are risk factors for stroke.”

While there are some limitations to the research and more study is needed to find out the reason for the higher risk of stroke, it is always better to keep active and eat a balanced diet so you can stay healthy!

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You are a genius if you find 5 turkeys in this picture in less than 3




Puzzles and various mindfulness tests are incredibly popular. Sometimes, by solving such problems, even various competitions take place. The only success criteria in this case are the speed of response and its accuracy.

Intelligence development

Similar techniques are actively used to develop human intelligence. Scientists have been able to prove that using these methods, people manage to increase their wits. Constantly solving various puzzles and puzzles for mindfulness and logic is an excellent training for the brain. Over time, this process goes faster and faster. A person begins to think much better.

Brain development

Similar puzzles and puzzles are ideal for the development of the human brain. The frequent solution of various puzzles improves the quality of connections between neurons. As a result, it turns out to prevent the development of a number of dangerous diseases.

For example, doctors believe that by regularly solving all kinds of problems of this type, it will be possible to prevent the appearance of senile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Gray matter becomes much denser. The quality of brain functioning is increasing.


The presented problem has a clear New Year character. A person is required to find 5 turkeys hidden in the picture. At the same time, fried bird placed in the attic of the house should not be taken into account. It is shown only as a basis. This snippet gives a person an understanding of which images to look for.


The compilers of this test shared their own opinion on the submitted work. They believe that people who managed to find all the hidden elements in 3 minutes or less can be considered real geniuses.


A genius is a person who solved the puzzle or not, it makes no sense to argue. However, many may really need help. A couple of simple tips will help you get the job done.

Image describes Christmas. At the same time, nothing prohibits the turkey from being outside the house. During searches, you need to search for an object not only in non-standard places. You should also take a closer look at the tables. After all, that is where the turkey and the place are. If the search for the necessary objects causes great difficulties, you can slightly enlarge the image. This action will definitely not be superfluous.

The answers

Now the time has come to show the correct answers. The location of the turkey itself is indicated by arrows.

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