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Making Millions With Mini-importation Business

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Here is what the book entails… Trust me, you cannot find this anywhere els:

To have a view of what you want to learn

  1. You will discover how you as an individual can start importing goods from China,Vietnam and Turkey at cheapest price( Also you get sites where you order for your good)
  2. Also you will discover how to sell on Jumia, konga and deal dey
  3. How to source for cheap products
  4. How to make Facebook AD’s and IG ads
  5. Innovative Products You Can Import Now From China and Sell Fast In Nigeria
  6. How to Raise Money for Importation Business
  7. Also,you will discover reliable procurement and logistics agency that help you with shipping.
  8. Powerful Ways to Identify Fake Chinese Suppliers and many more…

This book is a 94 pages extensive and simplified pdf  book that can be understood by anyone with basic English understanding.


Be your own boss, now, by starting this mini-importation business

Import goods (clothes, laptops, gadgets, accessories, phones and many more) at cheapest prices from china and sell anywhere in Nigeria.

Anyone can do mini importation… Students, Corpers, Employed and Unemployed…

Read This

Several people are into the mini importation business in Nigeria today, but not all would be as successful. Many people are even dumping the business and embracing other means of livelihood, they are beginning to see the business as being too difficult and making real money is only reserved for the big importers.

Well, I will like to correct some Notions about the mini importation business which are the reasons why some people are not successful in this business because of what they learnt from our self-styled Importation Gurus:

Myth #1: The gurus told you, goods are very cheap on Aliexpress

The Truth: While there are actually cheap goods on Aliexpress, prices on the site are still on the high side. Have you ever seen the price of an item on Aliexpress and you feel the price is almost the same as local market’s or even higher. The truth is Aliexpress is a platform for Chinese middlemen and retailers. These are the people that buy from the local manufacturers at rock bottom price and sell online at far higher prices.

Myth #2: They told you; you can only buy cheaply from manufacturers if you are making a very big order

The Truth: You can buy any quantity you want from a manufacturer. There are thousands of manufacturers in China, these people are interested in selling their productsfast and due to the high level of competition they won’t say No to any order they gets. (I will show you where and how to buy cheaply at any quantity you want, You will be able to compete with wholesalers here in Nigeria).

Myth #3: You can make N500,000 and above importing goods from China

The Truth: While this statement is not actually untrue, but how can they expect you to make as high as this amount when they didn’t teach you the real marketing strategy and also show you the best medium to dispose your products fast for maximum profit. You see, the so-called importation business Guru will only tell you to go on Aliexpress and order for goods to resell here in Nigeria and you are on your way to be the next success story. Well, how do they expect you to sell when you are not the only person selling wrist watches or shoes in the country? The secret of running a successful importation business is knowing how to sell your goods and SELL FAST (Don’t worry! I will give you the complete information on how to sell successfully on Jumia and Konga….. You will make millions in a short period of time). DO NOT FORGET SALARY IS FOR THE POOR


Dear Potential Millionaire Importer,
Few years ago, the idea of mini importation business became viral, everybody began to import from popular online stores in China, it’s either Aliexpress or Dhgate, these two websites were regarded as a safe haven for mini importer, in short, people became satisfied with low profit, hence they didn’t deem it fit to find alternatives on how to import things at a cheaper rate. I can confidently tell you thatAliexpress and Dhgate are ripping off their customers, I would show you proofs later on and would also share with you a website that has been kept as a secret for a very long time. On this website, items can be bought at very ridiculous prices, and the process of buying from them is almost the same as that of Aliexpress, but before I share the secret website with you, I would show you how you’re being ripped off by Aliexpress, this would make you understand how VALUABLE the information am about to share with you is.

To Americans and Europeans, buying from Aliexpress might be very cheap. after all, their currency is superb and can match up with other country’s economy, but to a Nigerian, importing a polo shirt for $11 (#2200) is quite expensive, because a quality polo shirt is priced within the range of #1500 to #2500 in Nigeria market, take note that the importer is responsible for the shipping cost, which means the cost of buying a polo shirt might be as high as $15 (#2970), provided you’re ordering in bulk and using cheap courier service; How then do you want to make profit, if you venture into this kind of business? Lets move on, this revelation will shock you.

Firstly, we need to understand the Chinese currency and its current worth against the Naira.

Yuan to Niara

The current exchange rate of Yuan against our Naira is 31.88 (1 Yuan = N31.88 approx. N32… No thanks to the current bad state of Naira in the market). So, each time we do our analysis we just multiply the price we have on the chinese site by this exchange rate to give us the actual value of the product in our local currency. we also need to know the current value of Dollars against Naira (As at the time of my writing)

dollars to naira

On the local Chinese website I will be sharing with you, this cool Polo shirt is sold for 16 Yuan (approximately #512).

On the ‘Almighty’ Aliexpress, the same product is sold for $11.88. so, we multiply 11.88 by 198.90 which will give us approximately #2,365. Can you see the huge difference? Do you know how many of the shirt you will buy on the Chinese website with this money? Do the calculation yourself

This analysis applies to other items on Aliexpress not just clothes alone. Lets check out some other products


Take for instance the power bank device, buying a 5600mAh power bank on the secret Chinese website can be as cheap as 29 yuan (#928), on Aliexpress, the same power bank is sold for $9 (Approximately #1790) pictures don’t lie, see the screenshot from both website yourself.

Let’s check out the analysis of one of my best selling products, Fashionable Wrist watches. I so much love selling wrist watches, Most especially to the ladies.

This fashion female watch is sold for 16 Yuan (Approx N512). However, on Aliexpress this same product sells for much higher price, $5.99 (Approx. N1,190)

Checking out another wrist watch…….

The above wrist watch costs 13 Yuan (Approx N416), while on Aliexpress it goes for $4.99 (Approx. N995). Lets check out another product. A unique and fashionable Burberry shirt

The polo shirt goes for 30 yuan (Approx. #960)

The price of this product on Aliexpress is almost $8 (Approx. #1,590). You can see the amount of money you are saving ordering from this website rather than Aliexpress.

There is virtually no product you can’t purchase on this Chinese Manufacturers’ site. From Furnitures to clothings, Computer products and accessories, Toys, Bed, Kitchen and Garden Equipments, Footwears, Just name it………. at surprisingly cheap prices. Let’s check out some of these products and their prices.

This Mini Dinning table will cost you 330 Yuan (N10,560). Hard to believe right? Do the search yourself

Look at this beautiful Living room furniture, it costs just 1,988 Yuan (Approx. 63, 620). Check at different shops where imported furnitures are sold and compare.

A Mini Laptop for 448 Yuan (Approx. 14,500)

Aliexpress is designed specifically for international buyers, this explains why the price of their item is very high, on local Chinese website, there is no income tax, international tax or any duty payment, hence items are sold at a very cheap price, and this is where most Chinese order their items. By the time you’re done reading, you would know the secret Chinese website am referring to. I think the above proof is enough to make you want to know about the secret Chinese website as soon as possible.

Now! I will have to stop the comparative analysis here and reveal this my “So Called” secret website. Not to waste too much time, the website is know as 1688. There you are! That’s the exact secret of most importers in the country. You could see that the language is purely in Chinese, it means it’s strictly for Chinese people. There are millions of goods here on this platform at very ridiculous prices. Have you ever been to the Mandillas or Balogun market in Lagos-island and wonder how this people manage to sell their goods for low prices? If you are looking to start a Mini fashion outfit, Mandillas and Balogun market are your sure bet to buy goods at cheap prices. But now, you even have a place where you can buy cheaper than those cheap prices in the local market. I’m sure you are getting excited by now.
I guess I know what is going through your mind right now, like “If the site is meant for Chinese only, why revealing it to Nigerians then? Isn’t the information useless and a complete waste of time?” Well! If you relax a little bit you will get the whole gist and how you can also order from the site even if you don’t understand a bit of the Chinese language (I don’t understand the language myself and I don’t want to).

I will want you to just go to the website and check things out yourself, compare with Aliexpress price and also prices from the local market. This year alone, I have made hundreds of thousand Naira buying and reselling goods from this website, from the comfort of my home.

This is the best business you can run in Nigeria today either part-time or full time. With the right knowledge and Guidance you can turn a mere N10,000 into millions of Naira within 12 Months. And I am ready to help you achieve that.

I’m Ready to take you by the hand and show you how to get started buying goods from China at the comfort of your home at ridiculous prices and sell for high profit on JUMIA and KONGA

If You Are Ready To Put A Stop To Your Financial Problems, You Must STOP Every Other Thing You Are Doing And Read Thoroughly the final part of this Information  Over And Over Again…….. And Then, TAKE ACTION!
When I first made this discovery, I couldn’t believe it myself. All we have been thought and learned from the so called importation gurus centered on buying from Aliexpress and Alibaba. Although, goods are available for purchase on these two sites, but I will point out their disadvantages to you. Challenges that can break you in this line of business.

The Minimum order quantity (MOQ) on Alibaba which is usually as high as thousands of pieces is a turn off for new and small players in the importation business and those with limited financial resources. And also there exist lots of scammers on the Alibaba platform. Aliexpress on the other hand is filled with lots of goods at higher prices like I have proved to you above. The truth is most sellers on Aliexpress are not real manufacturers; they are wholesalers/retailers who buy from Manufacturers in small amount and sell at exhorbitant prices  to people.

Now! Let me ask these questions?

Are you ready to join the importation millionaires club? I mean starting your own importation business empire from the comfort of your home.

Are you ready to learn all the tricks involved in this business?

Are you ready to achieve and live your dream life?

Are you ready to learn how to sell your goods for maximum profit here in Nigeria partnering with the two largest E-commerce sites; Jumia and Konga

If you answered YES to all these questions, then get ready for the most important day of your life….. The very day your financial story would be re-written.


Now, get this 94 pages book and start selling what people buy on Jumia, Konga, Deal Dey at expensive prices and start making 150-200% profits.

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  1. Dafiakpor Paul

    This is fantastic info education. Pls I want to know if all the sellers,manufacturer & wholesalers are real on 1688 website because scammers, thieves & 419 are everywhere

    • Admin

      Yes… They are
      But be careful

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